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Though online education has been in place for many years now, some people still are unaware of this new education platform. This magazine will help these people to understand online education in detail. The readers will learn about the different online courses available, the prerequisites, and more.

We are looking for writers to join our team and provide useful insights about online education to our readers. If you have any previous experience working for an online magazine and if you are knowledgeable about e-learning, then you can apply for this position.

Once you become a part of our magazine, you will get lots of incentives as a writer. Apart from good remuneration, you will get the opportunity to expose yourself as a good writer in this niche. You will have all the freedom to share your opinion about e-learning.

We have some brilliant writers on our team, and you will learn from them, which will help you in your career later on. You can gain good experience from here and get better opportunities. Besides our articles, we also promote our writers on our social pages. If you have your site, then this is a chance to increase traffic to your site.

You must remember that we only accept original and plagiarism-free articles. Before writing the articles, you must thoroughly research the topic and share your thoughts. You should run your articles through Copyscape or other plagiarism-checking software. The articles must be within 800 words.

You must structure your articles properly so that they are easily readable. Make sure you write them in short paragraphs and use short sentences. Be aware of any grammatical errors. You can use Grammarly or other grammar-checking software for it.

Once you submit the articles, we will review them. If needed, you might have to edit them. You should include your short biography along with the articles. If you are interested, please send us your CV. We will inform you if you are selected within two weeks. For further information, you can contact us anytime by email.