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How Honey Is Beneficial To Babies

Honey is very healthy for kids. However, you need to know the right age when you can give honey to your kids. Honey shouldn’t be given to kids less than one year of age as it can cause infant botulism. You need to consult your doctor if necessary. Here are some benefits honey can provide to the kid’s health.

Provides energy

Honey is an energy-rich food. One teaspoon of honey can provide 20 to 30 calories. As the kids grow up, they need more energy to walk and play, so honey can provide them the energy.

Supports healing

Honey has several healing properties. It can help to heal wounds quickly and treat insect bites, burns, or sores. Honey applied to the skin of kids can treat skin problems like psoriasis and also keep the skin in good condition.

Antiviral properties

Pure honey has antiviral properties, so your baby will be protected from cough and cold. If your baby catches a cold, then a teaspoon of honey daily can help to recover quickly. Many doctors recommend not to use any OTC drugs for coughs and colds for kids under four years of age. So, natural honey is a great remedy in this case.

Relieves gastric reflux

Honey can relieve gastric reflux by coating the stomach lining. So, the upward flow of food and gastric juice is prevented. You should look into medical blogs and online magazines to know when babies can have honey.

There are lots of online resources available to know about the different types of honey, their composition, and their benefits. If necessary, you can make an appointment with a child specialist online and discuss providing honey to your baby.