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How Parents Can Support Virtual Learning Of Their Kids

The children are used to the physical classrooms. But the pandemic has forced them to go virtual. This new platform of learning is quite challenging. Parents can take steps to support their children learning in this new platform.

Keep in touch with the teachers

In virtual classrooms, the teachers can’t notice what all the students are doing. If a student is inattentive, then there is hardly any way to find out about it. So, the parents should stay in touch with the teachers so that they know whether their children are following the class properly or not.

Set up a dedicated space

Your child should feel like he or she is in a classroom. So, instead of doing the class lying on the sofa or bed, set up a dedicated space for your child to do the class. Your child needs a table and a comfortable chair in a noise-free room. If necessary, you should provide headphones or a speaker so that the child can listen to the lectures properly.

Establish a routine

You should set up a routine for your child every day. Your child must wake up at least half an hour before the class. He or she must brush his teeth, get dressed and eat breakfast. Your child should have enough time to complete all the morning rituals before sitting for the virtual class. That way, the child’s mind will be relaxed.

Create a learning plan

You must create a learning plan with your child so he or she can cope with the classes. You can make a schedule to sit with your child briefly once in the evening or for a longer time every weekend. That way, you will have an understanding of your child’s progress and will be able to find out if your child is facing any challenges.

Before the virtual class, make sure that the laptop or tab you are providing your child has the right brightness and sound quality. This will ensure that your child can comfortably hear the lectures.