Reasons E-Learning Has Gained Popularity

In the beginning, people didn’t trust the online platform. Degrees obtained online didn’t hold much value. However, things have changed drastically over the past decade.

More people are now considering e-learning, and it is now widely accepted. It holds equal value to offline learning. Here are some of the reasons why e-learning has become so popular today.


E-learning provides standardization of practices among multiple companies and countries. People can learn anytime from anywhere. For example, if a company launches a training program, the employees will get the same training.

Environment-friendly and cost-effective

E-learning doesn’t require you to go to a training institution. You can get trained at home using your computer or laptop. As a result, no transportation is used, and there is no carbon emission. The instructors don’t need to print out lectures for the students, so you save them on paper.

You save a lot of money on transportation and other costs. As the overhead cost is low in e-learning as there are no classroom rental or documentation expenses, these training or courses are more cost-effective than the offline versions.

High retention rates

Online courses have a higher rate of retention than offline courses. This is because the online courses won’t clash with other classes or work. You can do these courses at your own pace.

The flexibility of e-learning increases the rate of retention. The online lectures can be accessed anytime. So, even if you have missed a live class for any reason, you can still listen to the lectures later on.

Today you will find a lot of online courses on different topics, including parenting, technology, lifestyle, and anything you can think of. E-learning is a great way to know about the world and increase your knowledge on diverse topics.

Some online courses are free as well. E-learning today provides a great platform for learning. You can learn at your convenient time from anywhere.